U.S. Patents
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4) #5,821,589, John O. Borland, “Method For CMOS Latch-up Improvement By MeV BILLI Plus Buried Layer Structure”, Oct. 13, 1998. Patent #4
5) #6,187,643, John O. Borland, “Simplified Semiconductor Device Manufacturing Using Low Energy High Tilt Angle And High Energy Post-Gate Ion Implantation (PoGI)”, Feb.13,2001.  Patent #5

6) #7,259,036, John O. Borland, John Hautla, Wesley Skinner and Martin Tabat, “Methods of Forming Doped and Un-doped Strained Semiconductor Materials and Semiconductor Films By Gas-Cluster-Ion-Beam Irradiation and Materials and Film Products”, Aug. 21, 2007. Patent#6

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